Success Stories

Working with the Center, neighbors engaged in a productive and cordial dialogue. They reached an understanding of their different perceptions of appropriate yard maintenance, the physical and financial limitations they each faced, and the future they desired. Now, parties have an agreement that works and skills to discuss their ongoing concerns and interests.

Personality Differences

All residents of a housing facility were caught up in a disagreement between two residents.

Emotionally-charged interactions between parties were affecting all residents of this housing facility. Through mediation, both parties were able to focus on their common interests, become aware of how their differences were impacting others, and regain their commitment to respect each other and improve the relationship.

Barking Dogs

An elderly, manufactured-home owner was aggravated by constant barking.

When Dog Services recommended mediation to this elderly resident, there was little hope in finding relief from continuous barking. Working with Center mediators, options were explored with the home owner and neighbor. Agreements were reached and renegotiated as the situation changed over time. Ultimately, effective resolution was achieved through better communication skills, an understanding of the impact of dog barking and assistance in exploring accountability and dog-behavior training.

Consumer Complaint

A consumer and merchant failed to find common ground and resolve ongoing complaints.

After months of unproductive telephone calls and letter writing, the Dispute Resolution Center was approached and parties agreed to meet face-to-face. With a process that ensured both parties could be heard and their needs respected, a fair and mutually-agreeable option was reached that satisfied everyone.

Property Dispute

Frustrated with abandoned property, community members pursued an alternative to code enforcement.

Frustrated with abandoned property that had become a local eyesore, a neighborhood sought out options beyond code enforcement. Telephone conciliation facilitated by trained mediators lead to open dialogue and the option to purchase the property. Now, the property is restored to its native habitat and has become a source of pride.


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