County Code Violation Complaint

The public is encouraged to continue to take advantage of the comprehensive services — including applying for permits, submittals and receiving approvals -- available online, by phone or by email. If you believe you must meet with us in-person, we encourage you to contact us in advance to schedule an appointment

In person you can:

  • Receive information on how to apply for permits online, general permitting, the need for a permit and permit requirements; 
    • Permit applications, submittal, plan review and approvals are now all provided online.
      (If you have concerns or cannot apply/submit online, please call us and we will help you with the process.)
    • Staff will route your applications and documents to other divisions, as needed
  • Obtain electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits that do not require plans review (this service is offered online as well!)
  • Receive answers to questions about general land use and zoning.

Please note:  All these services are available to you online, by phone or by email!  See links and contact information below.

Please complete and submit the form below if you have a complaint about a code violation in Clackamas County.

Please note: Anonymous complaints will not be investigated. For more information, see our Complaint Intake Policy.

  • All non-confidential complaints, and confidential complaints about life, health and/or safety, or environmental damage issues, will be investigated with only one complaint.
  • Confidential complaints that do not address a potential life, health and/or safety or environmental damage issue will only be investigated with a minimum of two distinctly separate complaints.


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