County Code Violation Complaint

Online services beginning April 6, 2020

As part of the statewide Stay Home and Stay Safe order, Code Enforcement staff are working from home until at least April 20. Complaints may be submitted during this time, but you will not receive a response until after April 6th. Thank you for your understanding – and stay home and stay safe!

Please complete and submit the form below if you have a complaint about a code violation in Clackamas County.

Please note: Anonymous complaints will not be investigated. For more information, see our Complaint Intake Policy.

  • All non-confidential complaints, and confidential complaints about life, health and/or safety, or environmental damage issues, will be investigated with only one complaint.
  • Confidential complaints that do not address a potential life, health and/or safety or environmental damage issue will only be investigated with a minimum of two distinctly separate complaints.


Do you want your name, contact information, and other information that would clearly identify you as the source of the complaint kept confidential?
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