Concord Property and Library Planning Task Force

Formed to help assist staff and advise the Board of County Commissioners, serving as NCPRD’s Board of Directors, on best future uses of the Concord Property. 

  • Evaluate options for the Concord Property and make recommendations
  • Advise on the creation of a master plan for development of the Concord Property
  • Share information with the community and provide feedback to the task force


The Concord Property and Library Planning Task Force charter outlines the background, charge, membership and staff, term, governance and other committees of the task force. 


Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Task Force members

North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District (at-large)
  • Denis Hickey (Vice Chair)
  • Ron Campbell
  • Mark Elliott
  • Anatta Blackmarr
  • Kim Parmon
  • Michael Schmeer
  • Kristi Switzer
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
Clackamas County Library Board of Trustees
  • Doug Jones (Chair)
  • Grover Bornefeld
  • Jan Lindstrom
  • Chaunda Wild
Gladstone Library Board
  • Gary Bokowski
Friends of the Oak Lodge Public Library
  • Paul Boundy
Close Proximity Neighbor
  • Michael Newgard