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We foster economic growth and community revitalization by implementing adopted urban renewal plans

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners created the Clackamas County Development Agency in 1977 as the urban renewal authority for Clackamas County.

The Development Agency is committed to carrying out plans developed specifically for each urban renewal area to: increase jobs, improve economic vitality and improve opportunities and capabilities by removing influences that inhibit development or redevelopment.

We are also dedicated to fulfilling commitments to the community:

  • Develop plans that best meet the needs of each area's residents, businesses and agencies.
  • Ensure funds are spent efficiently and effectively for the benefit of each urban renewal area.
  • Work closely with and considers the ideas, needs and wants of residents, businesses, workers and other agencies in and near each urban renewal area.
  • Consistently working with citizens, businesses and agencies to support the growth of livable, sustainable, economically viable communities.

Urban Renewal Districts

The Development Agency administers three urban renewal areas. A fourth urban renewal area, Government Camp, was retired in 2015 after all projects were completed and funds were expended.

The Clackamas Town Center area is the region's fastest growing business center. In the last 30 years many high quality office, retail and multifamily projects have been built.

This industrial area is a regional distribution, warehousing and wholesale trade center.

Government Camp Village is surrounded by Mt. Hood National Forest, which provides a wide range of year-round recreational opportunities and scenic vistas to residents and visitors.

The established neighborhoods in the NCRA are among the more affordable places to live in the County, but there are long-term infrastructure problems that need to be resolved.


150 Beavercreek Road Room #325 Oregon City, OR 97045

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