NCRA Home Access and Critical Repair Grant Process

This information is designed to guide you through the rehabilitation process and give you an idea of what to expect. Please read all the information. It would be impossible to list all of the program rules and regulations here so please call if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Application
    We will use the information on the Grant Application and other information to determine if you qualify. Complete and sign all forms! Include account numbers, addresses, and all other information requested.
  2. Preliminary Eligibility
    It will take approximately 3 weeks to determine your preliminary eligibility for this program. We will notify you in writing. If eligible, the letter will state the maximum grant amount and the name of the County Rehab Advisor who will assist you with the construction process.
  3. Getting Ready For Your Inspection
    When you receive the preliminary eligibility letter, call your Rehab Advisor to arrange for the initial property inspection. Suggestion: make a list of questions you may have and the repairs you would like to have done to discuss with your Rehab Advisor.
  4. Property Inspection
    Your Rehab Advisor will conduct an inspection of your property to determine if the project is economically feasible. Homes built prior to 1978 may need to have a lead paint hazard evaluation.
  5. Worklist Conference
    Your Rehab Advisor will prepare the specifications and bid packets for the work, then meet with you to go over the proposed work.
  6. Contractor Selection
    We ask that you choose at least three contractors to bid on your job. Contractors must be licensed, bonded and registered with the Oregon Construction Contractor's Board. The Community Development Division maintains a list of contractors who have expressed an interest in working with our program. This list is for your convenience only and does not represent a recommendation or an endorsement by the County.
  7. Bid Conference
    Your Rehab Advisor will meet with you and the contractors you have chosen to discuss the proposed work and review the bidding procedure. Study each bid you receive for completeness, accuracy and cost. Choose the contractor you feel will deliver the best quality of work for the money. We strongly advise you to check references. The chosen bid must be within 10% of the County's estimate.
  8. Approval
    After satisfactory bids are received your application will be submitted for final approval.
  9. Closing
    Agreements will be signed after final approval. Property owners and beneficiaries must both sign the agreements. We will call you to schedule an appointment.
  10. Preconstruction Conference
    After the agreements have been signed, your Rehab Advisor will meet with you and the contractor to finalize all the construction details. The construction contract will be signed by the contractor and the property owner.
  11. Construction
    During construction, the homeowner monitors the work and the Rehab Advisor makes periodic inspections. All changes to the specifications must be in writing and pre-approved by the County.
  12. Payments for Construction
    Progress payments are made after your Rehab Advisor has inspected and approved the work. Checks are made payable to the property owner and the contractor.
  13. Final Inspection
    The property owner and Rehab Advisor will conduct a final inspection to make sure all of the work is completed according to the contract. Your contractor will give you inspection certificates, lien waivers, and material and labor warranties.

The Clackamas County Community Development Division has other home repair loans available. If you are a homeowner and have other home repair needs call us at 503-655-8591 for more information

Funding Source: Clackamas County Development Agency urban renewal funds.


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