General Adoption Information

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Adoption viewing hours
Due to COVID-19 building closures, there are currently no adoption viewing hours. Our adoptable dogs are being placed with partnering shelters and rescues. Please check back for updates and look at other shelters and rescues in our area. Thank you for your interest in adopting. When adoption viewing resumes, our adoptable dogs will be viewable here.

Adoption application

Fill out our adoption application. There is a $10 application fee due at the time of submission. For more information on the adoption process call 503-655-8628.


We cannot place dogs on hold. If you are interested in a particular dog, we encourage you to visit the shelter to meet the dog and submit an application. Please be aware someone else could adopt the dog in the interim. We accept multiple applications for every dog and place dogs with the first suitable adopter. Our adoption desk is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so any applications submitted during that time period will not begin being processed until the following Tuesday and will still require the minimum 24-hour waiting period.

Waiting period

There is a minimum 24-hour waiting period for staff to review adoption applications. The waiting period is not applicable for any pre-approved applications that were submitted at an earlier date. Adoption Appointments can be set up once the Adoption Application has been approved and the adopter’s household has completed any required meet and greets with the adoptable pet they are interested in.


If you have any pets already in your home, including cat(s), please be aware that bringing a new dog into your household can carry inherent risks. It is good to remember that your pets do not know or have a relationship with your new dog yet and that there is often an adjustment period. Also be aware that dogs that didn’t show a high prey drive while sheltered, may behave differently once they are under the stress of adjusting in a new home environment with a different cat(s) or other pets. Please follow our introduction recommendations to avoid problems initially and contact our staff for any questions or clarifications on how to deal with any issues that may arise.

Our shelter does not accept cats. Cat Resources.

House training

As for house training, we have no history on most of our dogs and the shelter environment is very different from a home environment. Please do not assume the dog you adopt will be trustworthy in the house-training department; even if they are adults. Even a previously known-to-be-house-trained dog can often have accidents when re-homed. Moving to another new place is very stressful for a dog (they don't know they're "home;” they just know things have changed—again). It can take them a while to learn your routine, what you expect, how to ask to go out, etc. Plan on setting your new dog up for success with a house-training routine as though they were a puppy. A strict feeding schedule along with a regular routine of outside potty breaks where you go with them and reward their going potty outside is the best plan of action. It is easy to relax your routine as the dog shows you they understand and is consistent in going in the appropriate place. Giving a new dog free run of the house too soon can invite accidents. Our staff can supply you with housetraining instructions and a training plan to help get you both started on the right path.

Adoption fees

Application fee
(applied to adoption fee if you adopt from Dog Services within one year)
Basic fees: dogs under 6 years $150
Basic fees: dogs over 6 years $110

Included with the cost of adoption, all adopting families receive:

  • spay/neuter
  • dog license
  • vaccinations (DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies)
  • a list of veterinarians who offer an initial health screening for free
  • a goodie bag
  • helpful information and literature on feeding, training and care of your new family member

Return policy

We recognize that in spite of everyone's best efforts, there will be times when a dog will simply not be the right fit at home. Adoption returns may be made up to 90 days after adoption for a full refund. We will happily work with you to find a dog that is the right fit for your home.


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