Amisigger Road at Hwy 224 Intersection Improvements

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Project description


Design phase.

Updated: March 14, 2023

The intersection of SE Amisigger Road and Hwy 224 (Clackamas Hwy) is an intersection with high volumes of traffic located east of Barton in a rural area, with a stop sign on SE Amisigger Road. Travelers attempting to turn east or west from SE Amisigger Road onto Hwy 224 during peak traffic periods can experience long wait times.  

The project will determine if the intersection meets criteria to build a traffic signal. If criteria is met, both a traffic signal and a roundabout will be evaluated to determine which solution would provide the best value. A traffic signal design would likely add southbound and eastbound left-turn lanes and a westbound right-turn lane.


To provide a safer environment for all travelers and reduce delays for vehicles on Amisigger Road turning onto Hwy 224.


Design: May 2022 to Spring 2024 
Right of way: August 2023 to Spring 2024 
Construction: Spring 2024 to Summer 2025

Traffic impact

Limited impacts this year with survey work and traffic data collection. Single lane closures may be needed during construction.

Current activities

Design phase


  • Project estimate $5.4 million
  • Funding is provided from Community Road Funds.

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The proposed design for a roundabout has two lanes. Our consultants have checked the design of the roundabout for how semi-trucks and other large trucks would be able to navigate through every scenario. There is additional space within the inner circle sloped curb (also called an apron) of the roundabout for large vehicles to use as well.


Roundabouts are safer by design and modeling shows less crashes overall and when they do occur the crashes are much less severe. Because a roundabout’s geometric design requires people to slow down, you would likely be able to drive away from any crash that may occur.

The proposed design for this roundabout has two lanes along Hwy 224, so it’s unlikely traffic would be stopped if a crash were to occur.


The bus stop would need to be relocated, but the exact location is not known yet.

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