Barlow Road/Arndt Road Traffic Improvements Plan

Project description

Updated: Feb. 2, 2021

Traffic levels in Canby have significantly increased as population has grown in the Canby area and the greater region, including the travel time between Canby and  I-5. The county and the City of Canby will study options to reduce travel times between I-5 to Canby .

This project will study possible improvements at the intersections of Barlow Road and Arndt Road, and also Barlow Road and OR99E. As part of the study the county will determine if an exception to statewide planning goals will be necessary due to farmland impacts. For each of the options, this project will:

  • Estimate benefits, costs, and traffic impacts in the area
  • Identify critical traffic issues
  • Analyze how the possible tolling of I-205 will change traffic demands in the Canby to I-5 area
  • Identify any farmland impacts that would require a statewide planning goal exception
  • Determine which options merit further study
  • If funding is identified the project will include a second phase that will study concepts for the possible extension of Arndt Road across the Molalla River into Canby.


  • To improve the connection between the west central portion of Clackamas County including Canby and Mulino with I-5.
  • Improve the attractiveness of Canby as a business location by reducing the travel time between Canby and I-5.
  • Reduce  greenhouse gas generation by reducing the length of travel between I-5 and Canby.
  • Improve the traffic flow and reduce wait times during peak traffic periods at the intersections of OR 99E/Barlow Road, and Arndt Road/Barlow Road.


  • The county began the study in spring 2021 and will be complete by early summer 2022.

Current activities

  • The study will begin in spring 2021 with traffic data collection and analysis in the area between Canby and I-5.


  • Project estimate $188,173.
  • Funding is provided from the Community Road Fund.


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