Bear Creek (Canby Marquam Hwy) Bridge replacement



Updated: Nov. 28, 2022

Clackamas County received state funds to replace the existing bridge on Canby-Marquam Highway over Bear Creek.

The existing bridge, built in 1960, was showing signs of decay as a result of heavy truck traffic. The bridge was considered functionally obsolete (narrow) and structurally deficient, with a sufficiency rating of 27.2 out of 100. Temporary repairs  to the timber components until the bridge were made prior to replacement. The asphalt required constant repair due to the bridge vibrating and shaking when trucks travel on the bridge.

Bridge replacement description

The replacement bridge is a new precast, concrete single-span structure spanning Bear Creek on the current alignment. The new bridge is approximately 83 feet long with a total width of 40 feet (two 12-foot wide lanes, two 6-foot wide shoulders, and two 2-foot wide barrier rails). The bridge is founded on 16-inch diameter steel piles approximately 50 feet deep below ground surface. 

Current activities

  • Construction is substantially complete. 
  • Temporary road striping placed in Nov. 2022 and permanent striping will be placed in the late spring or early summer 2023.
  • Plants will be monitored quarterly to verify establishment in 2023.
Typical Section
Construction on the bridge, workers using a crane to move things in place
Typical Section
Construction on the bridge, workers using a crane to move things in place
bear creek complete


Joel Tubbs, PE (David Evans & Associates)


Carter and Company, Inc.


  • Estimated total project cost: $2.6 million
  • Funded through Local Project Program Funds matched with county road funds
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Construction Project Manager


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