Bull Run River (Bull Run Road) Bridge Replacement

The Bull Run River Bridge crosses the Bull Run River north of the Sandy area. The portion of the bridge above the foundation (superstructure) is more than 126 years old and comes from one of the spans of the Burnside Bridge. The Burnside Bridge was constructed in 1894, and the Bull Run River section was moved to this location in 1926. 

The bridge is nearing the end of its useful life and requires increasingly expensive repair and maintenance projects in order to keep it open. In 2021 truck weight restrictions were placed on the bridge and the bridge’s roadway was reduced to one lane in order to preserve its remaining life. This is a critical access point for the City of Portland’s water system that supplies water to much of the Portland area.

It is anticipated a new Bull Run River Bridge would be constructed next to the current structure. 



Updated: Oct. 5, 2022


To remove weight restrictions for trucks and to ensure connections exist for emergency response, access for timber industry, Portland Water Bureau and residents of an isolated rural area.


  • Project estimate $14 million 
  • Funding for this project is anticipated from grant application submissions
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