Carver Bridge (Springwater Road over Clackamas River)

Project Description

Replace the Carver Bridge that carries the Springwater Road over the Clackamas River in its current location. The new bridge is a two-lane bridge, with sidewalks and bike paths on both sides.
Updated: 7/17/18


The Bridge:  Work on the north and south approaches to the bridge began in October 2014, and was held up by a complex legal dispute related to a water line. Now, through mediation, the water line has been completed by the water line owner, Clackamas River Water. 

The County twice advertised in 2018 for a contractor to reconstruct and pave the bridge approaches but received no bidders because, we were told, there are so many projects available right now and this project is particularly complicated.  

We are modifying the contract to attract bidders and will advertise again this fall.  If that is successful, we plan to complete the bridge work in spring-summer 2019. 

The Traffic Signal:  The County received approval from the Oregon Department of Transportation to install a traffic signal at the Highway 224 / Springwater Road intersection earlier this year, plans are approved, permits are issued and the County has a contractor.  

The contractor will begin preparing the intersection for traffic signals in early August 2018.  That work includes:

  • Setting foundations for poles and conduits for signals
  • Installing curbs, sidewalks, storm drainage and, if needed, moving utilities
  • Paving and striping

Installation of the signals will probably not take place until late 2018 because of the wait time for aluminum poles, brought on by the current erratic and expensive supply of aluminum.  

Carver Bridge


  • Bridge construction began in 2012 and was completed in February 2014
  • Clackamas River water installed a new 18-inch water line from Highway 224 to Hattan Road in spring-summer 2018.
  • The County has hired a contractor to install traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 224 and Springwater Road by the end of 2018.  Site preparation work will begin in August 2018.
  • North and south bridge approaches are scheduled to be completed in spring 2019


Stan Monte, Project Manager, at or 503-742-4678.


Signal contractor:

  • Northstar Electrical

Bridge contractor:

  • Completion construction; to be determined
  • Original construction; Wildish Standard Paving Co.