Courtney Ave. Complete Streets


Project is in pre-development planning phase.

Updated: Feb. 12, 2020

Courtney Avenue is a narrow roadway with bike lanes and no sidewalks which creates potential conflicts between all users.

The complete streets project will improve safety and accessibility by providing 6-foot separated sidewalks on both sides of Courtney Avenue; 8-foot buffered bike lanes; intermittent rain gardens for stormwater management; street and pedestrian lighting and ADA compliant intersection curb ramps; and crosswalk enhancements at two intersections. The sidewalk and bikeway improvements will also provide a direct east-west connection to the Trolley Trail for travelers.


To improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists with sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes, and an improved link to the Trolley Trail.


  • The design phase will begin in summer 2022. The design and right of way phase efforts will continue until fall 2024. Construction will likely begin spring 2025, during the daytime hours. Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2026.

Traffic impact

  • No impacts to traffic at this time. Rolling single lane closures and detours may be needed during construction in 2025–2026.

Current activities

  • Coordinating pre-development planning efforts with ODOT and Metro.


  • Project estimate $5,761,000.
  • Funding is provided from the County Road Fund and federal funds through a Metro 2022–24 Regional Flexible Fund Allocation Grant.

County Roads Take Me Home stickerProjects funded through the new Community Road Fund will increase safety, relieve congestion and maintain local roads.

Department Staff
Bob Knorr
Project Manager
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