Damascus Area Safety Upgrades

Update and enhance curve warning signs on 222nd Dr. and Wiese Road, add center line rumble strips on 222nd Dr. and 242nd Ave., and add overhead flashing beacon at intersection of 222nd Dr. and Tillstrom Road.


Project is in design phase.

Updated: March 16, 2021

The project also includes intersection safety upgrades at 13 intersections using oversized advance warning signs on both sides of street, stop signs on both sides of street, adding reflective sheeting on sign posts, enhanced pavement markings, raised pavement markers and delineators.

These safety improvements were recommended in a Road Safety Audit conducted in 2017 and are expected to provide:

  • Updated curve warning signs: 16% crash reduction for road departure crashes 
  • Basic intersection upgrades: 20–30% crash reduction for all crash types 
  • Rumble strips: 12% crash reduction for all crash types

The traffic safety team has assessed and determined proper curve advisory speeds to post along each road segment where curve warning signs will be installed.

Intersection upgrades on 222nd Dr.: 

  • Hoffmeister Road 
  • Bohna Park Road 
  • Tillstrom Road 
  • Borges Road

Intersection upgrades on 242nd Ave.: 

  • Hoffmeister Road 
  • Bohna Park Road 
  • Tillstrom Road
  • Sunshine Valley Road

Intersection upgrades on Tillstrom Road:

  • Bohna Park Road
  • Borges Road
  • 190th Dr.
  • Foster Road

Intersection upgrades at Wiese Road and Bohna Park Road. 

For more information on curve warning signs, read the ODOT Fact Sheet on Updated Curve Warning Signs


To provide a safer roadway for all users and to reduce crashes.


Design is complete. Installation of safety measures to start May 2022, and the project is expected to be complete by Dec.  2022.

Traffic impacts

Minor and intermittent lane closures for sign installation may be needed at some locations.

Current activities

  • Bid advertisement


  • Project estimate $593,000.
  • Funding is provided from Damascus Road Funds. 



Department Staff
Christian Snuffin
Transportation and Development