Dryland Road Guardrail

The project will install a guardrail along 400 feet of Dryland Road between Heinz Road and Barnards Road at the curve.


Project on hold.

Updated: April 2, 2021


Dryland Road is a rural road with a slight curve immediately south of a crest in the Molalla area. To prevent future vehicles from leaving the roadway, and to reduce the severity of future lane-departure crashes along this segment of Dryland Road.


The county began the design phase in summer 2019. 

Traffic impacts

Single-lane closures will be needed during construction.

Current activities

  • Monitoring the project location to determine whether the project should be advertised and constructed in 2022. 


  • Project estimate $190,000.
  • Funding is provided from County Road Funds and HB2017 state gas tax funding.
Department Staff
Mike Ward
Project Manager