Salmon River (Elk Park Road) Bridge Replacement

Project description: Replace the existing one-lane bridge with a new two-lane bridge. The current bridge, built in 1958, is reaching the end of its functional life and is weight-limited. The 18-month construction project includes building a temporary detour bridge, removing the old bridge, building the new bridge and then removing the detour bridge.

Updated: 6/12/19

Status: Site work began in March 2018


  • Opening of new bridge to traffic mid-November 
  • Removal of detour bridge mid-December
  • Planting of landscape around bridge mid-December
  • Completion: Winter 2019

Consultant: OBEC Consulting Engineers

Contractor:  JAL Construction, Bend, Oregon

Things to be aware of:

  • Work in the water is limited by law to strict time periods (known as the "in-water work window"), generally 6 weeks during the summer
  • There may be delays of up to 20 minutes, but no complete closure is scheduled. If there is a need for a closure of longer than 20 minutes, area residents will be notified at least 24 hours in advance and accommodations will be made for emergency vehicles, as needed.

Current activities:

  • Construction of the Bents and approaches has been completed.
  • Bridge Girders will be set in Mid-June with the deck being poured by Mid-July


  • $2.9 million - Federal Highway Administration Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program
  • $330,000 - County Road Fund

You may be interested to know:

  • The bridge is a critical life line for residents, as this is the sole access to several homes
  • The bridge is considered structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.
  • The bridge has three spans (100-foot steel pony truss and two timber approach spans).


Construction workers repairing the supports of the bridgeConstruction work on the bridge supportsConstruction workers laying out cement

Department Staff
Stan Monte
Project Manager


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