Johnson Creek Blvd. Paving and Curb Ramps

Paving the roadway and retrofitting curb ramps and traffic signals for ADA compliance  


Design phase 

Updated: May 23, 2024

Johnson Creek Blvd is a main road in the Milwaukie area with heavy volumes of vehicle traffic. The road will be repaved between 79th Pl and approximately 500 feet south of 45th Pl. Bell Avenue will also be repaved between Johnson Creek Blvd. and Alberta Ave. The median lane will be extended to Stanley Ave. to improve safety of left-turn movements onto Stanley Ave.

Sidewalk curb ramps and pedestrian push buttons will be checked for compliance with Americans with Disability (ADA) standards and retrofitted or replaced, as needed. 

30% design


To provide a smooth traveling surface for motorists and bicyclists and to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians. 


  • Design: March 2023 to Spring 2025
  • Right of way: Summer 2023 to Winter 2024
  • Construction: Spring 2025 to Summer 2026  

Traffic impact

Expect shoulder and lane closures and detours with delays up to 20 minutes during construction.

Current activities

Project planning and development of design concepts. 


  • Project estimate $6 million.
  • Funding is provided from county road funds, and HB2017 state gas tax funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We will analyze this intersection during the design process and look for opportunities to improve safety, including changing how the road striping looks.


No changes to the Springwater Trail are included as part of this project.


We will investigate multiple options to adjust the bicycle loop detection, including replacing the underground bike loop detection with video detection.

Right now, the bicycle signal at the Johnson Creek Blvd and Bell Ave intersection is activated when the bicycle loops detect a bike on either side of the bike lane. These loops may not reliably detect carbon fiber bicycles, making it faster for them to cross with the pedestrian paths.


No. No sidewalks will be constructed beyond what is needed to build curb ramps along both sides of Johnson Creek Blvd.


Widening the road to include a turn lane along the entire length of the project would result in significant impacts to cost and to adjacent properties and businesses along Johnson Creek Blvd. The proposed project goal is to improve pedestrian accessibility, preserve the roadway, and provide a smoother surface for road users.


Yes, our consultants will analyze the condition of pavement in the project area and recommend appropriate repairs as part of the project.

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