Street Lighting

The street lighting district extends from the north county line to the Clackamas River on the south, and from the Willamette River on the west to the Urban Growth Boundary on the east.

The city of Happy Valley is part of the district, but all other cities are responsible for their own street lighting. A number of subdivisions and neighborhoods around Oregon City, Lake Grove, Boring and Welches have annexed to the district through the years.

District funding

We contract with PGE to design, install, maintain and operate street lights. PGE then bills the county for this service based on tariff rates set by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. These costs are passed on to those served by the district as a special assessment on their property tax statements. Street lighting services are supported entirely by these special assessments.


Street lighting is required as a condition of approval by the Zoning and Development Ordinance (Section 1006) for all development within the district. Established neighborhoods request lighting through a petition process.

Reporting a problem

Report street light outage and other repair problems directly to PGE.

Calling in a repair

When calling in a repair, please give the following information:

  • your name and phone number (in case there is a problem identifying the location of the light)
  • the specific street address nearest the light
  • the specific nature of the problem: burned out, always on, cycles on and off, etc.

Please mention if you have called in this repair before.

Requesting street lights

Property owners can petition for street light installation in established neighborhoods. We try to light a stretch of street — from intersection to intersection — rather than putting in individual lights here and there. Even lighting enhances visibility for motorists.

A majority of benefiting property owners must sign the petition in order to be a valid request.

We will prepare a petition package for you if you're interested. The packets includes:

  • petition
  • list of property owners
  • map
  • yearly cost information.

Please call 503-742-4657 with street lighting requests or questions.

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