Rural County Sign Installation Project

One way that has been proven to decrease traffic crashes is to post safety signage alerting travelers to changing conditions ahead. The county has received a grant from ODOT to install over 2,500 curve and stop ahead warning signs throughout unincorporated Clackamas County to improve safety on our roads.

Status: Completed

Schedule: May 2021 – Aug. 2022

Updated: Sept. 11, 2022

Crash reductions associated with addition of curve warning signs (as compared to curves with no curve warning signs), and stop ahead warning signs are as follows: 

  • Curve Warning Signs with Speed: 13% reduction in all fatal and injury causing crashes
  • Chevrons: 20–35% reduction in fatal and injury causing crashes
  • Intersection Warning Signs with Street Name: 22% reduction in overall crashes; 35% reduction in right-angle crashes
  • Stop Ahead Signs: 35% reduction in angle crashes
  • Double Stop Signs: 11% reduction in overall crashes; 55% reduction in angle crashes

The traffic safety team has assessed and determined proper speeds to post at each road segment where curve warning signs will be installed at along the following roads: 

  • Corridors
    • Advance Road
    • Amisigger Road
    • Barlow Road 
    • Barlow Trail Road
    • Central Point Road 
    • Clackamas River Drive
    • Dryland Road 
    • Firwood Road
    • Fischers Mill Road 
    • Gronlund Road
    • Hattan Road 
    • Henrici Road 
    • Kamrath Road 
    • Lolo Pass Road
    • Maplelane Road 
    • Meridian Road 
    • Mountain Road
    • Redland Road 
    • Schaeffer Road
    • Stafford Road 
    • Ten Eyck Road
  • Intersections
    • NE Miley Road/Airport Road NE 
    • Amisigger Road/Judd Road
    • Bakers Ferry Road/Harding Road
    • S Barlow Road/S Arndt Road
    • S Barlow Road/S Knights Bridge Road 
    • S Barlow Road/S Lone Elder Road 
    • S Barlow Road/S Barnards Road/S Whiskey Hill Road
    • S Barlow Road/S Meridian Road/Woodburn Monitor Road NE 
    • S Barnards Road/S Elisha Road 
    • S Barnards Road/S Dryland Road 
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Windy City Road/S Unger Road
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Upper Highland Road 
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Larkin Road 
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Lower Highland Road
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Carus Road 
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Ferguson Road 
    • S Beavercreek Road/S Leland Road/S Kamrath Road
    • Canby-Marquam Hwy/S Barnards Road 
    • Canby-Marquam Hwy/S Heinz Road 
    • Canby-Marquam Hwy/S Gribble Road
    • Canby-Marquam Hwy/S Macksburg Road 
    • Canby-Marquam Hwy/S Lone Elder Road 
    • S Central Point Road/S Mulino Road 
    • S Central Point Road/S Township Road 
    • S Central Point Road/S Carus Road 
    • S Dryland Road/S Heinz Road 
    • S Dryland Road/S Harms Road/S Macksburg Road
    • S Harms Road/S Macksburg Road
    • Eagle Creek Rd/Currin Road
    • Eagle Creek Road/Duus Road
    • Eagle Creek Road/River Mill Road
    • Firwood Road/Bornstedt Road
    • S Fischers Mill Road/S Hattan Road 
    • S Fischers Mill Road/S Deininger Road 
    • S Fischers Mill Road/S Mattoon Road 
    • Gronlund Road/Hattan Road 
    • S Henrici Road/S Ferguson Road 
    • Hoffman Rd/Petes Mountain Rd/Riverwood Dr 
    • S Kamrath Road/S Carus Road 
    • Kelso Road/Amisigger Road
    • Kelso Road/Richey Road
    • Kelso Road/Tickle Creek Road
    • Kelso Road/312th Drive
    • Kelso Road/Orient Drive
    • S Leland Road/S Leslie Avenue 
    • S Leland Road/S New Era Road 
    • S Maplelane Road/S Ferguson Road 
    • S Meridian Road/S Whiskey Hill Road 
    • S Meridian Road/S Sconce Road 
    • S Meridian Road/S Elliott Prairie Road
    • Orient Drive/Bobby Bruce Lane
    • Orient Drive/Compton Road
    • Orient Drive/Revenue Road
    • S Redland Road/S Springwater Road
    • S Redland Road/S Ridge Road
    • S Redland Road/S Hinkle Road
    • S Redland Road/S Henrici Road 
    • S Redland Road/S Fischers Mill Road 
    • S Redland Road/S Fieldstone Road
    • S Redland Road/S Bradley Road 
    • S Redland Road/S Ferguson Road
    • S Redland Road/S Holly Lane
    • Springwater Road/Clackamas River Drive
    • Springwater Road/Hattan Road
    • Springwater Road/Bakers Ferry Road
    • Springwater Road/Strowbridge Road
    • Springwater Road/Hayden Road
    • Springwater Road/Metzler Park Road
    • Stafford Road/Homesteader Road 
    • Stafford Road/65th Ave -- Complete
    • Stafford Road/Schatz Road
    • Stafford Road/Newland Road 
    • Stafford Road/Mountain Road 
    • Stafford Road/Johnson Road 
    • Stafford Road/Childs Road 
    • S Union Mills Road/S Windy City Road/S Marshall Road 
    • S Central Point Road/S Union Hall Road
    • Wildcat Mountain Drive/Eagle Fern Road
    • S Redland Road/S Lyons Road
    • S Redland Road/S Sprague Road
    • S Dryland Road/Toliver Road
    • Stafford Road/SW Gage Road

For more information, read the ODOT Fact Sheet on Updated Curve Warning Signs.


Funding is provided from the ODOT All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) Program.

Department Staff
Christian Snuffin
PE, Project Manager


150 Beavercreek Road Room #325 Oregon City, OR 97045

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Available by phone/email
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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