Tualatin River (SW Petes Mountain Rd) Bridge Approach Repairs

Project description: The asphalt concrete approaches at the Wiess Bridge will be repaired. The asphalt concrete at this bridge is in poor condition and needs repair. This location experiences heavy truck loads and relatively high speeds at the bridge. Repair of the approaches will provide safer movement of vehicles and have a smoother transition and less wearing impact to the existing bridge structure.

Updated: 4/12/18

Status: In design


  • Construction start: July 2018
  • Construction complete: September 2018

Contact: Jonathan Hangartner, PE, Project Manager, jhangartner@clackamas.us, 503-742-4649

Things to be aware of:

  • There will be vehicle traffic impacts during construction of this project.

Current activities:

  • Design of both bridge approaches, including smoothing the transition between the asphalt roadway and bridge deck structure.


  • Project estimate is $96,000
  • Funding is provided from Clackamas County Road Funds.