The map is in the wrong place in the browser, how can I fix this problem?

When the map is not displaying in the correct place, turn on compatibility mode. For Microsoft Internet Explorer the compatibility mode option is represented as a broken page in the URL bar.

How do I go straight to the map?

Click on the display map button to search the entire county map display.

How do I search by section?

Here is an example of how to enter Section 7, Township 2 South, Range 2 South into the search box; 2S2E07.

I entered an address and zero results were return?

If you entered the entire address and a result did not return, then try using this method. In the address search box, just type in the site house number. Next, click find map. The next page will include a candidate list. If the address you are looking for is not on the list then contact the CMAP team via email, cmap@clackamas.us.

I entered a partition plat number and did not get any results.

Try adding PP in front of the number. An example of the appropriate format to enter in a partition plat is PP2012-012.

I entered a survey number and did not get any results.

Try adding SN in front of the number.  An example of the appropriate format to enter in a survey number is SN2010-001 or SN12345.  If you did enter the survey number in with the SN and did not get any results, please send an email, with your survey number, to cmap@clackamas.us.

How do I search by surveyor name?

On the lower right corner of the page is a link to the advanced document search. Click the link. Before you start, an address or a section must be entered. Otherwise, no results will return. In the first field drop down, select Surveyor Name. The second drop down has three options, =, starts with, and contains. The default is equal. Then enter the surveyor's name. Click search and the application will take you to a page with a list of the results.

What is the advanced document search link in the lower right corner?

This link takes you to a page with more search options. These options allow you to search for documents using several search criteria.

How do I find the bearing tree documents for public land corners?

There are two ways to get bearing tree documents.  One way is by using the advanced search options page.  First, enter the section number into the Township/Range/Section text box.  Then, under the word "where", in the first search option choose "Survey Name".  In the next drop down select contains.  Then, in the final text box enter the letters BT.  This will return all of the bearing tree documents for the section.  If a DLC corner intersects the sections expect to sees those records returned.

The other way is to select the public land corner on the map.  Then look in the results for corner history.  That will return all the documents that reference that corner.

How do I get back to the search page?

Click on the furthest right tool on the toolbar, New Query.

I entered a county road number and did not find any results.

Not all the county roads or market roads are available online. Please contact the County Surveyor's Office at 503-742-4475.

I entered a survey number and the only results I got back are tax lots.

CCSIS returns information in this order tax lots, plats, surveys, and public land corner history. There is a check box next to the tax lots header. Unchecking the box hides the list. The next group is plats. Unchecking the box next to any of the titles hides the group. The other option is clicking on the scroll bar on the right hand side of the group. This will allow you to scroll up and down the results list.

How do I zoom?

There are five ways to zoom in and out on the map. The first three tools on the toolbar are used for zooming. Starting from the left, the first tool is zoom in,  Zoom in. The second tool is zoom out, Zoom Out. The third tool is zoom to the entire county, Zoom Full Extent.

There is also a zoom tool on the map. The top of the tool has a plus symbol. Clicking the plus symbol zooms in. Clicking the minus symbol zooms out. Moving the slip between the plus and minus symbols also allows you to zoom in and out.

How do I pan?

There are three ways to pan the map. The fourth tool from the left on the toolbar enables panning, Pan. After clicking the pan tool, click and drag on the map. The second way to pan is to use the arrows above the slide zoom tool. Click on the arrow that points the way you wish the map to pan. The third way involves using the vicinity map above the results list. There is a red box with cross hairs. Click on the red box and drag it to the location of the county you wish to see.

How do I go back to the previous map extent?

Click this button,  View Previous,on the toolbar.

How do I highlight a plat?

Clicking on the survey in the results list highlights the survey document yellow on the map.

How do I highlight surveys on the map?

Clicking on the survey in the results list highlights the survey document yellow on the map.

How do I identify layers on the map?

There are two ways to identify features on a map. Starting with the fifth tool from the left on the toolbar, buffer from a point and select by box. Buffer by point selects all the features within a given distance. That distance is adjustable by changing the value for the search radius. The value is in the upper right corner of the application. The default value is 100'.

The second way is to select by box, the fourth button from the right. This tool is used by clicking on the map, while holding the left mouse button down, drag away from the start point.

Where is the legend?

There are two legends for this map. The first legend is at the bottom of the map. It shows the symbols that are used on the map. The second legend is interactive. There is a white plus sign on the right side on the map. Clicking the plus sign expands the legend. This legend allows you to turn layers on and off. By default all the layers are turned on except for aerial photography.

How do I turn layers on and off?

Refer to "Where is the Legend" to learn how to turn layers on and off.

Can CCSIS batch print documents?

Unfortunately, CCSIS cannot batch print documents.

Can I download all the images at once?

Web CCSIS does not have the ability to deliver multiple images at once.

How to I report a problem or submit a question?

Please submit all questions, via email, to cmap@clackamas.us. Please include WEB CCSIS in the subject line.