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We are a division of Clackamas County's Technology Services department. One of the advantages GIS provides is the ability to assist in the decision-making process by providing an additional tool to analyze and compare numerous geographic data layers along with traditional databases.

Questions GIS can answer include:

  • Location "Where is it?"
  • Condition "What is at?"
  • Trends "What has changed since?"
  • Patterns "What spatial patterns exist?"
  • Modeling "What if?"

Clackamas County GIS offers an online map and information retrieval tool called CMap. With this tool you can simply type an address or tax map number and receive information about that particular parcel. A map accompanies the information with the option to display aerial imagery.

The county's GIS contains a wealth of information that can be used with specialized software. From the buttons below, you can get more information on our various products and services.

GIS Store

We are now offering an online store to make ordering maps, photos and mailing labels convenient. 

Orthophotographs are digital aerial photos, taken perpendicular to the ground that have been rectified to the earth's surface. These photos can be used by themselves or we can overlay other GIS information on them such as tax lots, contours, soils, etc.

Through our custom mapping services, you can specify:

  • scale and area
  • page size and layout
  • titles and labeling
  • data layers needed

A paper version of the County Road Map is available on request. This large map is unfolded and has two sheets. Sheet one shows the entire county. Sheet two shows the urban areas and rural communities in more detail.

We can create mailing labels that comply with various City and County notification regulations for planning requirements.

Clackamas County GIS Data Portal

The products accessed through the Clackamas County GIS Data Portal are for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for, or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. All data is provided as is, at no charge, and no further support is offered by Clackamas County GIS including offering the data in different formats. Data is offered as shapefiles. Users of this information should review or consult the primary data and information sources to ascertain the usability of the information. Metadata does accompany each shapefile. The use of these shapefiles is governed by our GIS Data Licensing Agreement, which will be presented upon selecting a layer to download, and must be agreed to before the data can be downloaded. Data will be updated periodically and the update date will be reflected in the metadata.

  • Soils
    Soil survey developed by the National Cooperative Soil Survey.
  • Streams
    Hydro line features and names of lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Tax Lots
    Clackamas County tax lots with basic attributes.
  • Streets
    Street centerline data with street names.

Digital Data

There are two ways to get digital GIS data from Clackamas County.

  • We have partnered with Metro to assist us in distributing our data. For more information about how to subscribe to RLIS, Metro's Regional Land Information System
  • There are numerous GIS data layers available at no cost through Clackamas County’s GIS Date Portal. To access these data sets, click here.
  • If there is a GIS data layer you don’t see or have questions, contact Clackamas County GIS at


Assessment Ownership Maps (Tax Lot Maps)

Assessment Ownership Maps can be found through CMap. By typing in an address, the Assessment Ownership Map can be found under the Documents link on the right side of the screen. Assessor Documents is one of the many documents you will find that pertain to the this address. Ownership information for the entire State of Oregon can be found at the Oregon Department of Revenue’s ORMAP website.

For questions regarding tax maps, please contact the Clackamas County Assessor and Taxation Office at 503-655-8671 or email

Clackamas County On-line Road Atlas



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