GIS - Geographic Information Systems

We are a division of Clackamas County's Technology Services department. One of the advantages GIS provides is the ability to assist in the decision-making process by providing an additional tool to analyze and compare numerous geographic data layers along with traditional databases.

Map of Clackamas CountyQuestions GIS can answer include:

  • Location "Where is it?"
  • Condition "What is at?"
  • Trends "What has changed since?"
  • Patterns "What spatial patterns exist?"
  • Modeling "What if?"

Clackamas County GIS offers an online map and information retrieval tool called CMap. With this tool you can simply type an address or tax map number and receive information about that particular parcel. A map accompanies the information with the option to display aerial imagery.

The county's GIS contains a wealth of information that can be used with specialized software. From the buttons on the left, you can get more information on our various products and services.

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-The Clackamas County GIS Team