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Using GIS mapping tools on a laptop

We are a division of Clackamas County’s Technology Services department. GIS assists in the decision-making process with tools to analyze and compare numerous geographic data layers along with traditional databases.

Web Mapping Applications

Explore Clackamas County through our applications. 

For parcel specific questions concerning ownership or property-related data not found in our on-line applications, please contact the Clackamas County Assessment & Taxation Office at 503-655-8671 or You can download assessor maps for the entire state on the Oregon Department of Revenue’s ORMAP website. 

For property boundary questions, please contact the Clackamas County Surveyor’s Office at 503-742-4475 or

Answers questions about jurisdiction, schools, parks, assessment information and much more.

Find plat, survey and public land corner information.

View multiple years of traffic counts throughout the county.

8.5 x 11" map grids you can print at home. 

GIS Store

Visit our online store to purchase aerial photos, maps and mailing labels.

These photos can be used by themselves or overlaid with other information such as tax lots, contours, soils and much more.

You can specify:

  • scale and area
  • page size and layout
  • titles and labeling
  • data layers needed

A printed version is available on request. This large map shows the entire county, with urban and rural areas in greater detail.

Labels that comply with various city and county notification regulations for planning requirements.

View or download a sample of our county road map. Visit our online store to purchase a current version.

View or download a sample of the urban areas of our county road map. Visit our online store to purchase a current version.

Digital Data

Download free Clackamas County data or explore subscription opportunities for regional data from Oregon Metro.


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