Adult Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Our goal is to provide the treatment that best fits the needs of each individual. We provide services for both voluntary and court mandated individuals. We also provide specific services for individuals who are parenting, who have trauma histories and for those who are dealing with significant emotional and behavioral challenges.

We provide services in a phase type model targeted for those early in recovery, for those who are beginning to work a recovery program, and for those working on sustaining a recovery program. We do not believe recovery occurs in isolation and will be working with each person to get engaged in recovery activities in their local communities.

We believe that regular attendance is critical for treatment to be beneficial. Treatment will generally last from 6-12 months. Completing treatment means developing goals that support an appropriate change regarding substances of abuse or dependence, both during and after treatment.

We are an abstinence program. To assist in this process we utilize observed urine drug screens and breathalyzers. We also will make recommendations for detoxification and residential substance use treatment as deemed necessary. Continued substance use will not allow a person to successfully complete treatment.