Child and Family Mental Health Therapy

The Child and Family Treatment Program offers a variety of services to meet the needs of children/youth and their families:

  • Family therapy
  • Skills groups for children/youth
  • Research based seminars for parents/caregivers
  • Parent education groups and consultation
  • Individual therapy
  • Individual and/or family skills training
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Multi-family skills groups

Services are provided at our health center locations; some services are provided in community settings or in the home. Our treatment services are influenced by evidence-based practices and the latest research on child development. We believe that healing happens in the context of positive relationships. By developing meaningful treatment goals and working collaboratively with families and other community partners, children and their families can — and do — recover stability in their lives. Child and Family team members have received specialized training to provide services to children and youth who are dealing with:

  • the effects of a trauma
  • the impacts of a history of neglect
  • anxiety and depression
  • behavioral problems
  • attachment issues
  • substance abuse issues
  • attention problems
  • and more