EthicsPoint is a comprehensive and anonymous web- and telephone-based reporting tool for Clackamas County employees. The service assists management and employees in addressing fraud, theft, embezzlement, and misuse violations in the workplace. Clackamas County has contracted with EthicsPoint to provide this hotline. EthicsPoint is an independent, third-party provider and is not affiliated with Clackamas County.

2021 Hotline Report

What Types of Incidents Can Clackamas County Employees Report on this Hotline?

Clackamas County employees and volunteers can file an EthicsPoint incident report for any of the following types of incidents:

  • accounting
  • auditing or internal financial control issues
  • embezzlement
  • falsification of contracts
  • reports or records
  • theft
  • donor stewardship
  • sabotage or vandalism
  • misuse of assets or services

What is the Value of EthicsPoint?

A recent Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse indicates "tips" are the number one way to detect occupational frauds. Employees are the number one source for these tips.

The presence of an anonymous reporting hotline has a substantial impact on initial fraud detection. According to the report, tips were the most common detection method for organizations with and without hotlines, but the benefit was much more pronounced in organizations with a hotline.

How do Clackamas County Employees Access this Hotline?

Information is available on the Clackamas County intranet on how to access EthicsPoint. Visit the EthicsPoint FAQS page under the "more resources" section on the Clackamas County intranet homepage.


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