Project Payback

This is a learning opportunity for you to develop an understanding of the duties and responsibilities for supervising youth on a work crew. Youth are earning money to pay restitution to victims and court fees/fines. Crews are an excellent venue to develop leadership skills.

Learning objectives

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of supervising youth in a work setting.
  • Learn philosophical perspectives endorsed and implemented by the Juvenile Department, such as Best Practices and Restorative Justice.
  • Observe and assist in the facilitation of completing a project and keeping youth motivated to complete daily work tasks.


  • Shifts begin at 10 a.m. and will return at 4:15 p.m. Pick up and drop off location is at the Annex building, 2106 Kaen Road.
  • Crew runs on Saturday and Sunday rain or shine, but may be cancelled in the event of ice or snow. Call Wayne to be certain.
  • Crews are conducted outside and consist of hard physical labor.
  • Water is provided, but you will need to bring your own lunch.
  • Clothing
    • Dress appropriately for the weather.
    • Expect to get dirty.
    • No revealing clothing, logos promoting alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed.
    • No cut-offs.
    • No open toe shoes.

Read more about the application process and guidelines.


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