Juvenile Department

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Striving to keep communities safe and hold youth offenders accountable through a variety of restorative services.

We strive to keep communities safe through restorative services for youth offenders, victims, and their communities.

We target interventions to hold youth accountable and teach them new skills. We also work with them to address the harm done to victims and community.

Central to our continued success is our engagement with community partners. These partnerships empower communities in the following ways:

  • to have a role in holding their youth accountable
  • expand the opportunities for at-risk youth to feel connected with their local communities
  • give youth a chance to take part in meaningful service-learning work projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth And Families

Targeted interventions hold youth accountable, teach youth new skills, while simultaneously working to restore victims and community.

A Guide to the Juvenile Justice Process in Clackamas County for Families.

In collaboration with our partners, we enable youth offenders to address harm caused in their own communities as a result of their offense.

We offer Project Payback services primarily to hold youth offenders accountable to pay back their victims for any financial losses resulting from the youth’s criminal behavior.

Ofrece servicios de libertad condicional, programas alternativos dentro del departamento, y en la comunidad para jóvenes y familias en español.

Victim Services

It is our intent to gain an understanding of the harm victims have experienced and to have those impacts help shape how the offender is held accountable.


Over the years we have been fortunate to have numerous students and volunteers work with us to gain hands-on experience, learn about the juvenile justice system and assist us in our work.