Victim Impact Program Volunteer/Intern Needed

Victim Impact Program is in search of a spring/summer volunteer or intern to assist with meaningful administrative tasks that provide support to victims of juvenile offenses within our community. This volunteer would work in collaboration with the Victim Services Coordinator and Clackamas County Resolution Services to provide information and support to victims, assist in the Victim-Offender Dialogue referral process, and gather and document feedback from victims we have served in order to improve our quality of service.

We are committed to responding effectively to the needs and concerns of community members who are victims of offenses committed by juveniles. It is important that we understand what harm victims have experienced and how we, as representatives of the community, can respond in ways that are helpful and meaningful to them. Our primary goal through the Victim Impact Program is to promptly reach out to victims in order to effectively understand, and respond to, their interests as we strive to hold the youth meaningfully accountable. 

Victims of crime have clearly stated what issues are most important to them and the response they would like to receive from the justice system. People who have been victimized generally want: acknowledgement, information, a voice and a choice to participate.

Intern/Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities

A volunteer for Victim Impact Program would have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Assist with phone calls and case management in VIP database
    When a new case has been entered into the VIP database, we follow up by phone to hear about impact, elicit their needs and requests, and explain the juvenile justice process. Victims are given the opportunity to request to meet the youth who harmed them in a Victim-Offender Dialogue. All contact with victims is documented in the database.
  • Support with Victim-Offender Dialogue referrals
    If a victim requests a Victim-Offender Dialogue a referral is sent to Resolution Services. The volunteer would assist with coordinating cases and act as a liaison between the Juvenile Department and Resolution Services.
  • Mail surveys and perform follow-up calls to victims
    It is important that the victim’s voice is heard beyond the initial outreach; we want to hear from them about their experience with the Juvenile Department and Victim Impact Program. In order to provide victims with the opportunity to give the Juvenile Department feedback regarding our quality of service, victims are surveyed by mail or phone.
  • Assist with data entry
    We collect victim satisfaction surveys as well as pre- and post-Victim-Offender Dialogue surveys. All data is collected and entered into Excel spreadsheets

Schedule will be agreed upon between supervising Victim Services Coordinator, Resolution Services, and volunteer.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of:
    • Resources and services available to victims through Victim Impact Program
    • Various victim experiences through the juvenile justice system
    • The process of cases handled in Diversion
    • The Victim-Offender Dialogue referral process and case management
    • Evidence-based practices and program evaluation through VIP data collection and data entry
  • Learn philosophical perspectives endorsed and implemented by the Juvenile Department, such as best practices and Restorative Justice
  • The opportunity to practice active listening and empathy when speaking with victims of crime
  • The opportunity to participate in the 2-day Restorative Justice Training, and hear about additional trainings such as the Victim-Offender Dialogue Facilitator Training.

For more information, please email Vikki Allen at or call 503-650-3146.  


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