Guidelines for Youth Tutor

This is a learning opportunity to develop an understanding of the duties and responsibilities for assisting youth in their learning process. You will be working with youth who can benefit from educational guidance and additional instruction to pass a GED exam, catch up with past school work, or prepare for various academic requirements.

Learning objectives

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of supervising youth in an educational setting.
  • Learn philosophical perspectives endorsed and implemented by the Juvenile Department, such as Best Practices and Restorative Justice.
  • Assist youth in completing a project and keeping youth motivated.


  • Ability to explain math, science or literature concepts to a varying range of youth. From those who do not know their multiplication tables to others almost ready to pass a GED exam on algebra. With math, tutors must specifically be able to explain algebraic and geometric concepts.
  • Ability to teach test taking strategies to help kids pass an exam.
  • A second adult being present and listening to youth can be useful if youth discloses something that needs to be followed up on.


  • You must be 21 years of age.
  • Schedules are set a few weeks prior to beginning the program and can change on short notice.
  • Attendance at all in house trainings are required. These include: RJ, CCJD overview, working with Youth in the Community. CPI if offered during internship time frame.
  • Additional opportunities to compliment your experience working with at risk youth are: Court observations, Intake and Assessment (IAC) observation, , Informational Interviews, observation of Drug Court, observing cognitive skills group—all will be scheduled by volunteer coordinator
  • Hours of volunteering will be reported to Volunteer Coordinator or the supervising CCJD staff monthly.

Read more about the application process and guidelines.


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