Project Payback

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Project Payback is committed to:

  • applying the values and principles of balanced and restorative justice in our practice;
  • providing a positive work environment for youth;
  • expanding and cultivating meaningful community partnerships, involvement, and projects;
  • holding youth offenders accountable to fulfill their restitution obligations to Clackamas County victims of juvenile offenses; and,
  • supporting youth in developing practical job skills, expanding pro-social attitudes, and strengthening confidence to find meaningful employment.

Program Overview

Clackamas County Juvenile Department (CCJD), in collaboration with its partners, offers Project Payback services primarily to hold youth offenders accountable to pay back their victims for any financial losses resulting from the youth's criminal behavior.  The program strives to do this through work projects that are meaningful to the community and simultaneously build the work and social competencies of the referred youth.  Click here for an in-depth program description of Project Payback.

Program Benefits:

  • Paid work opportunities for youth to fulfill their restitution obligations.
  • Low-cost, meaningful  projects in communities throughout Clackamas County:
    • trail building and maintenance;
    • restoring the natural habitat of streams;
    • invasive species removal;
    • environmental reclamation; and,
    • public space enhancement and maintenance.
  • Youth build capacity for being pro-social members of Clackamas County's emerging work force.
  • Enrolls at-risk youth at Clackamas Community College.
  • Youth work side-by-side with community volunteers.
  • Strengthens peer-to-peer relationship skills.

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