Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting (Virtual Meeting) - April 2, 2020

Beginning Board Order No. 2020-26


  • Roll Call
  • Pledge of Allegiance

I. CONSENT AGENDA (The following Items are

considered to be routine, and therefore will not be allotted individual discussion time on the agenda. Many of these items have been discussed by the Board in Work Sessions. The items on the Consent Agenda will be approved in one motion unless a Board member requests, before the vote on the motion, to have an item considered at its regular place on the agenda.)

A. Health, Housing & Human Services

  1. Approval of Amendment #2 to the Intergovernmental Agreement #HD-ICA-E-690-2018 with Multnomah County for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Early Intervention and Outreach (EIO) project – Public Health
  2. Approval if Contract Amendment #1 with Bateman Community Living to provide Frozen Meals for the Home Delivered Meal Services for Older Adult Community Nutrition Programs– Social Services
  3. Approval of a Grant Agreement with Northwest Housing Alternatives for Emergency Shelter Services – Social Services
  4. Approval of Grant Agreement with Clackamas Women’s Services for Emergency Shelter Services– Social Services
  5. Approval of a Person Services Agreement with Folk Time for Peer Support Services - Procurement
  6. Approval of a Professional Services Agreement with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. to develop Last Mile Shuttle Plans for the Oregon City Shuttle, Clackamas Industrial Shuttle, West Linn/OC/Tualatin Commuter Shuttle, and the Milwaukie Industrial Shuttle.
  7. Approval of a Personal Services Agreement with Regional Toxicology Services, LLC dba Cordan Health Solutions, for Health Centers Drug Testing Services Commissioners encourage public to attend public meeting digitally.

B. Department of Transportation & Development

  1. Resolution No. _____ Declaring a Public Necessity and Purpose of Acquisition of Rights-of-Ways and Easements for the Dryland Road Guardrail Project and Authorizing Good Faith Negotiations and Condemnation Actions
  2. Resolution No. _____ Declaring a Public Necessity and Purpose of Acquisition of Rights-of-Ways, Easements, and Fee Property for the Fuller Road Station Project and Authorizing Good Faith Negotiations and Condemnation Actions

C. Elected Officials

  1. Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes – BCC


  1. Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement between Water Environment Services and CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc., for Engineering Services for the Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility Willamette River Outfall

III. CITIZEN COMMUNICATION (The Chair of the Board will call for statements from citizens regarding issues relating to County government. It is the intention that this portion of the agenda shall be limited to items of County business which are properly the object of Board consideration and may not be of a personal nature. Persons wishing to speak shall be allowed to do so after registering on the blue card provided on the table outside of the hearing room prior to the beginning of the meeting. Testimony is limited to three (3) minutes. Comments shall be respectful and courteous to all.)