Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting (Virtual Meeting) - Sept. 10, 2020 *Revised

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*Added COVID-19 Addendum No. 5

Beginning Board Order No. 2020-66


  • Roll Call
  • Pledge of Allegiance

***COVID-19 Update

  1. *Approval of an Addendum No. 5 to Resolution No. 2020-14 Declaring a Local State of Emergency Regarding the COVID-19 (Stephen Madkour, County Counsel)

(No public testimony on this item)

  1. Adoption of Previously Approved Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and Development Ordinance Amendments ZDO-276-Minor and Time Sensitive Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and Development Ordinance Amendments (Nate Boderman, County Counsel) – Previously approved at the August 5, 2020 land use hearing

II. PUBLIC HEARINGS (The following items will be individually presented by County staff or other appropriate individuals. Persons appearing shall clearly identify themselves and the department or organization they represent. In addition, a synopsis of each item, together with a brief statement of the action being requested shall be made by those appearing on behalf of an agenda item.)

  1. Second Reading of Ordinance Number 07-2020 Amending Appendix C – Local Contract Review Board Rules of the Clackamas County Code (Andrew Naylor, County Counsel) – 1st reading was 8/13/2020

III. CONSENT AGENDA (The following Items are considered to be routine, and therefore will not be allotted individual discussion time on the agenda. Many of these items have been discussed by the Board in Work Sessions. The items on the Consent Agenda will be approved in one motion unless a Board member requests, before the vote on the motion, to have an item considered at its regular place on the agenda.)

A. Health, Housing & Human Services

  1. Approval of a Local Subrecipient Grant Agreement with Clackamas County Children’s Commission to provide Evidence-based Parenting Education Classes – CFCC
  2. Approval of a Subrecipient Grant Amendment #2 with Oregon City Together for youth marijuana and substance abuse prevention efforts in Clackamas County – CFCC
  3. Approval of a Local Subrecipient Grant Amendment #3 with Northwest Family Services for Student Resource Coordination – CFCC
  4. Approval of Intergovernmental Revenue Agreement with State of Oregon, Department of Human Services (DHS), for the operation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training – CFCC
  5. Approval of Change Order #3 between Clackamas County and Banlin Construction, LLC for Clackamas County Children’s Commission Health Start New Classroom Building Project – Community Development
  6. Approval of Lease Agreement with Genoa Healthcare and Clackamas Health Centers Division (CHCD) for Pharmacy Space inside the New Sandy Health Clinic – Health Centers
  7. Approval to Apply to Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs for FY 2021 Distribution of Funds – Social Services

B. Department of Transportation & Development

  1. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality for a two-day Household Hazardous Waste Collection event
  2. Approval of a Contract with Colton Homes, Inc. dba Colton Construction Co. for the ADA Ramp Improvements on Oak Grove Boulevard – Procurement

C. Finance Department

  1. Approval of a FY 20/21 Work and Financial Plan with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS), Wildlife Services (WS) for Predator Management

D. Elected Officials

  1. Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes– BCC
  2. Approval of FY 2020-2021 Local Subrecipient Grant Agreement between the District Attorney’s Office and The Children’s Center of Clackamas County to benefit Child Abuse Victims and their Families – District Attorney
  3. Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement between Clackamas County Behalf of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and the State of Oregon, acting by and through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for fingerprinting services - Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

E. Community Corrections

  1. Approval of Grant Award between Oregon Criminal Justice Commission and Clackamas County to Provide Treatment Option for High Utilizers of Mental Health and Criminal Justice Resources.
  2. Approval of Grant Award between Oregon Criminal Justice Commission and Clackamas County to Assist in Preventing, Preparing for, and Responding to the Coronavirus.

F. Juvenile Department

  1. Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Clackamas Education Service District (ESD) to Provide Education and Vocational Opportunities for At-Risk Youth


  1. One year extension of the Intergovernmental Agreement between Water Environment Services and the Clackamas River Water Providers for Clackamas River Watershed Activities

V. PUBLIC COMMUNICATION (The Chair of the Board will call for statements from citizens regarding issues relating to County government. It is the intention that this portion of the agenda shall be limited to items of County business which are properly the object of Board consideration and may not be of a personal nature. Testimony is limited to three (3) minutes. Comments shall be respectful and courteous to all.