Board of County Commissioners' Business Meeting (In-Person and Virtual Meeting) - March 18, 2021 *Revised

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*Added D.1, D.2

Beginning Board Order No. 2021-14


  • Roll Call
  • Pledge of Allegiance

Wildfire Updates

COVID Updates

I. PUBLIC HEARINGS (The following items will be individually presented by County staff or other appropriate individuals. Persons appearing shall clearly identify themselves and the department or organization they represent. In addition, a synopsis of each item, together with a brief statement of the action being requested shall be made by those appearing on behalf of an agenda item.)

  1. Public Hearing on the Proposed 2021-2022 Housing Authority of Clackamas County Annual Plan. $16,077,000 for section 8 voucher funds, $1,890,000 in public housing funds and $1,382,947 in capital grants program funds, no general funds are involved. - HACC


  1. In the Matter of Writing off Uncollectible Accounts for the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021. $4,675.94 in total collection losses. – HACC
  2. In the Matter of Approving the Delegation of Budget Authority for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. No funds involved. – HACC
  3. Requesting approval to apply for a grant for 50 new limited term vouchers for Foster Youth to Independence Rental Assistance Program. Maximum grant value of $540,000, no general funds are involved. – HACC
  4. Approval to execute an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Housing Authority of Clackamas County (HACC) and the State of Oregon acting through Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) for the Landlord Compensation Fund program. OHCS is providing $15,112,500 in program funds, no general funds are involved. – HACC

IV. CONSENT AGENDA (The following Items are considered to be routine, and therefore will not be allotted individual discussion time on the agenda. Many of these items have been discussed by the Board in Work Sessions. The items on the Consent Agenda will be approved in one motion unless a Board member requests, before the vote on the motion, to have an item considered at its regular place on the agenda.)

A. Health, Housing & Human Services

  1. Approval of a Subaward Agreement with the National Association of County and City Health Office (NACCHO) to receive the grant award for the Climate and Health Adaptation in Local Health Departments Project. Contract is increased by $17,000 with funding from a grant award from NACCHO, no general funds are involved. - Public Health
  2. Approval of Agreement with Oregon Department of Transportation, Rail and Public Transit Division for FTA 5311 Rural Transportation Funds for COVID related Operations for Mt. Hood Express. The maximum funded would be $205,000, no match is required. – Social Services

B. Department of Transportation & Development

  1. Approval of a Supplemental Project Agreement with Oregon Department of Transportation for the SE Johnson Creek Blvd: 79th Pl – 82nd Ave Project. Project cost of $2,485,420 through the funding sources of ARTS Funds, Community Road fund, Condition of Approval Permit, Clackamas County Development Agency, and County Road Funds.

C. Elected Officials

  1. Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes – BCC

*D. Disaster Management

  1. Approval of Amendment #1 to the Personal Services Agreement with Advantage Nurse Staffing of Oregon, Inc. to Provide On-Call Temporary Medical Staffing Services to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This will increase the contract by $1,000,000 brining the maximum value to $2,000,000. Funding through Public Health Cares Program, no general funds are involved.
  2. Approval of Amendment # 2 to a Personal Services Agreement with Robert Half, Inc. temporary administrative staff. This will increase the contract by $150,000 brining the maximum value to $300,000. Funding through Oregon Health Authority Cares Program, no general funds are involved.

II. PUBLIC COMMUNICATION (The Chair of the Board will call for statements from citizens regarding issues relating to County government. It is the intention that this portion of the agenda shall be limited to items of County business which are properly the object of Board consideration and may not be of a personal nature. Testimony is limited to three (3) minutes. Comments shall be respectful and courteous to all.