County Administrator Issues/Updates - July 6, 2022

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For these Updates, the following governing bodies will be convened:

  • North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District
  • Board of County Commissioners


North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

Board of County Commissioners

Requests for Consent Agenda

County Counsel

  1. Approval of an Amendment to the Library Construction and Operation Intergovernmental Agreement between Clackamas County and the City of Gladstone. This amendment extends the deadline for construction completion by twelve months with no change to the agreement value.
  2. Adoption of a Board Order authorizing a Project Agreement for the Design, Construction, Partial Financing, Operation, and Maintenance of the Clackamas County Circuit Courthouse with the Special Purpose Entity formed by Fengate PCL Progress Partners. Project value is approximately $313,000,000. Funding is through the Oregon Courthouse Capital Construction Improvement Fund, the State of Oregon General Fund, the Oregon Judicial Department, and budgeted County General Funds.

Health, Housing, and Human Services

  1. Approval of a Cooperation Agreement with Clackamas County Children’s Commission to fund and administer construction of building improvements at the Estacada Head Start Preschool. Agreement value is $240,000, of which $140,000 will be provided by Clackamas County. Funding is through Federal Community Development Block Grant funds. No County General Funds are involved.
  2. Approval of an Amendment adjusting budgeting of a Subrecipient Grant Agreement with Northwest Family Services to Provide Shelter and Rent Assistance Services. Agreement value remains at $857,500. Funding is through Federal Emergency Solutions Grant funds. No County General Funds are involved.
  3. Approval to Apply for Funding Opportunity with Clackamas Workforce Partnership for Prosperity 10,000 to Increase Employment Services. Grant value is $149,999 for one year. Funding is through Clackamas Workforce Partnership. No County General Funds are involved.
  4. Approval of an Amendment increasing funding of a Fixed Price Subagreement with Oregon State University for Parenting Education Expansion programs. Amendment value is $98,035, agreement value is increased to $167,785. No County General Funds are involved.
  5. Approval of Annual Statement of Assurances and Verification of Intent for the Older Americans Act Area Plan for 2021-2025. Statement has no fiscal impact; underlying agreement has a value of $2,608,920, including $306,550 of budgeted County General Funds. Other funding is through state and federal funds and matching funds from subrecipients.
  6. Approval of Subrecipient Agreement with TriMet for Statewide Transportation Improvement Funds for Fiscal Years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Agreement value is $2,512,199. Funding is through Oregon Department of Transportation. No County General Funds are involved.