Land Use Hearing: Z0406-19-CP, Z0407-19-MAR, Z0408-19-ZAP

Applicants: Cadman Materials, Inc.

Proposal: The applicant is proposing (1) a Post-Acknowledgement Plan Amendment (PAPA) to the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan (Plan) to designate approximately 99 acres of the proposed mining site, which includes eight taxlots and approximately 106.5 total acres, as a Goal 5 significant mineral and aggregate resource site in Chapter 3, Table III-2 of the Plan; (2) a zoning map amendment to apply a Mineral and Aggregate Overlay (MAO) to the site; (3) approval of a Mineral & Aggregate Overlay District Site Plan Review application for the proposed mining operations; and (4) a modification of conditions of approval in Planning file numbers Z0348-96-CP & Z0349-93-Z to allow processing on Saturdays.

Staff contact: Martha Fritzie, Sr. Planner, 503-742-4529,