Land Use Hearing: Z0546-19-Z, William and Lottie Kirchem Farm (SHPO #968) (Virtual Meeting) - June 3, 2020

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Applicants: Sara Pursley & Kathleen Higdon, representatives of the Seagraves Estate 

Proposal: Z0546-19-HL contains a proposal to remove the Historic Landmark (HL) overlay on the property located at 17800 Springwater Road.  A number of structures, which were a part of the initial determination of historic significance, have been removed due to deterioration and catastrophic loss. These losses, along with the deterioration of the primary building on the property, have diminished the significance of the site such that it no longer qualifies for the protections afforded to sites with historic significance in Clackamas County.

Staff contact: Anthony Riederer, Sr. Planner, 503-742-4528,