Land Use Hearing: ZDO-276: Minor and Time-Sensitive ZDO Amendments (Virtual Meeting) - Aug. 5, 2020

Applicants: Clackamas County

Proposal: The adopted Long-Range Planning Work Program for 2019-2021 includes a project titled “Minor and Time-Sensitive ZDO Amendments”, an effort intended to make relatively minor changes to the County land use regulations that are necessary to comply with new and pending state and federal mandates, clarify existing language, correct errors, and adopt optional provisions that require only minimal analysis. The Work Program also expressly includes consideration of the following: 

  • Increasing the distance for property owner notice of land use applications in rural areas; 
  • Existing land use regulations on dog daycare/boarding businesses (i.e., kennels) in rural residential areas; and 
  • Opportunities for small-scale manufacturing in community commercial areas.

ZDO-276 is a proposed ordinance that, if adopted by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), would make legislative text amendments to the County’s Zoning and Development Ordinance (ZDO), as well as to the County’s Comprehensive Plan, in response to these various adopted Work Program directives. It also proposes repealing the County’s limitations on marijuana retailing operating hours, as further directed by the BCC.

Staff contact: Glen Hamburg,  Sr. Planner, 503-742-4523,