NCPRD Town Hall with Commissioner Paul Savas

Commissioner Paul Savas will hold a Town Hall-style meeting for all residents of the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) to relay any comments and pose any questions about the district. 

Residents and other interested parties will be allowed to first relay any comments to Commissioner Savas. After all comments are heard, Commissioner Savas may respond, and then open up a Question & Answer opportunity for attendees. 

Residents can also send comments to be relayed over email ahead of the meeting. Comments should be sent to with the subject line “Savas NCPRD comment.” Please include your name and keep comments to under three minutes.  

This Aug. 12 meeting is separate from the NCPRD Board of Directors meeting that is slated for the following Monday, Aug. 17. That Monday meeting, featuring the full Board of all five commissioners, will primarily center on the restructuring of the NCPRD District Advisory Board, and will feature: 

  • A report from county staff to the full Board on the progress of District Advisory Board’s work performed last year, 
  • Staff presenting options for moving forward, 
  • The opportunity for the public to give comments on the District Advisory Board bylaws, and
  • Board deliberation on finishing the bylaws.