Town Hall - Aug. 19, 2020

Race issues in Clackamas County


This will be a Listening Session-style event for residents to share lived experiences with race and racism in Clackamas County directly with county commissioners.

Recognizing that racism is both an historic and present reality in Oregon and Clackamas County specifically, commissioners find it critical to listen to resident experiences.

County Commissioners recently passed a Resolution Condemning Violence and Racism Directed at Black, African Americans and all People of Color. Following up on this action, commissioners want to provide a safe space for residents to share impacts and recommendations toward addressing inequities that exist.

Residents are welcome to participate and speak at this forum to let commissioners know the following:

  • Why is this topic important for you?
  • What are your experiences and/or concerns regarding race issues in the county?
  • What recommendations do you have to address those concerns?

This event will be facilitated by Clackamas County Equity and Inclusion Officer Martine Coblentz. While we want residents to share fully, we ask that attempts are made to keep statements to four minutes, to allow for all those wishing to speak to do so.

If residents are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to email a statement to be read at the event, please send your message to with “Town Hall on Race” in the subject line prior to the event’s start time.