Listening Session - Sept. 23, 2020

Wildfire Recovery

Parts of Clackamas County have been decimated by wildfire. Clackamas County Commissioners continually seek to ensure resident safety and position the county to recover, from both this natural disaster and the ongoing pandemic.

Commissioners want to hear directly from residents, customers and stakeholders – what must be done in order to recover? What does the county need to do to ensure our community perseveres and thrives? How can we help our local economy thrive?

This event is a Listening Session. County commissioners want to hear resident and stakeholder ideas and needs, so that they can best take action and plan for the future. This is not a question-and-answer session, as the time is devoted to commissioners hearing from residents and stakeholders.

Commissioners would like to hear about the following:

  • What areas of investment would be most helpful? This can include sectors like housing, forest management, job training, etc. 
  • What do businesses throughout Clackamas County need to endure?  

All five commissioners plan to be in attendance.