Town Hall - April 7, 2021

Affordable Housing & Homelessness in #ClackCo

Given that increased homelessness is a rising concern due to the economy, what different kinds of shelters and affordable housing are needed throughout our community? How can #ClackCo work with the community, business partners, and developers to incentivize and create those units? 

Starting last year with the onset of the pandemic, the Board of County Commissioners held several digital events in order to hear directly from the public on issues of great importance.

How to join / participate

Town Halls are held over Zoom. 

For those who cannot join the event, but would still like to relay a comment or ask a question, email with “Housing Listening Session” in the subject line, and be sure to provide your name and city/area of residence. One question/comment per resident, please.

Due to time constraints, comments will be limited. Please be advised that the Board or the Chair reserves the right to stop comments that are out-of-order or off-topic.