Town Hall - Oct. 6, 2021

Child Care: Concerns and Needs

Commissioners are interested in hearing from all parties that child care relates to and touches: parents, employers, day care and pre-school providers, nonprofits and more. Specifically, commissioners would like to hear from parties:

  • Do you have child care needs currently? What have been the challenges in getting care?
  • If you currently have child care, what is working? What challenges have you had?
  • If you are, or would like to become a child care provider, are you having any challenges that need to be addressed?
  • If you recently left the child care profession, why was that and is there anything that could make you return?
  • What overarching issues involving child care should commissioners know about?

How to join / participate

Town Halls are held over Zoom. 

Prior to the session, attendees or interested parties will have the opportunity to email their comments or questions to for commissioners. Live calls over Zoom will be taken and given priority.

When emailing, please put “Child Care Town Hall” in the subject line, and provide a name and area. Due to time constraints, comments will be limited, so please try to be succinct with your comments/questions. Please limit comments/questions to less than one minute when read.

Clackamas County Commissioners regularly hold Town Halls and Listening Sessions, and rely on public feedback and concerns to help guide policies and county actions.

Please be advised that the Board or the Chair reserves the right to stop comments that are out-of-order or off-topic.