Town Hall - Dec. 1, 2021

I-205 Tolling and the Regional Mobility Pricing Project

In the final virtual Town Hall event of 2021 for Clackamas County Commissioners, residents are invited to attend and learn about two transportation projects proposed by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT): I-205 Tolling and the Regional Mobility Pricing Project. The event will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 1, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

More information about these projects can be found on ODOT’s website (I-205 Toll Project and Regional Mobility Pricing Project).

An ODOT representative will join commissioners to provide a brief presentation at the beginning of the event. The majority of the event will be dedicated to members of the public providing their opinions to commissioners. 

Clackamas County Commissioners are not proposing tolls – tolls on interstate highways can only be enacted by the state of Oregon. This event is meant to educate residents about what these projects are, the status of them, and for commissioners to hear feedback. 

Earlier this year, commissioners developed a values statement on proposed transportation funding solutions for the interstate system in the Portland metropolitan area. That document details the Board of County Commissioners’ beliefs on how changes must proceed regarding the transportation system, but explicitly states that the document itself “is not an endorsement or acceptance of any proposal to implement tolling or congestion pricing on I-205, as we believe it will have a disproportionate and detrimental effect on Clackamas residents, businesses, and visitors.”

Residents and interested parties are encouraged to register early for this webinar, as participation is limited to 500 attendees (per the county’s Zoom license). Clackamas County Commissioners may hold other webinars on transportation and similar topics early next year. The event will be recorded and archived to the county’s YouTube channel the following day.  

Please note that, given the probable high interest in providing public comment, members of the public who speak may be limited with their allotted time. The final time is decided during the event, but the public should be ready to provide their comment in one minute or (potentially) less. 

Topic questions for the Dec. 1 event include:

  • Clackamas County Commissioners adopted their Values Statement on Proposed Transportation Funding Solutions in April. What in this document resonates with you? What is missing? 
  • Regarding possible tolling on I-205 between Stafford Road and OR-213, what are general concerns to your family or community? What are the benefits? 
  • Regarding possible regional congestion pricing (tolling) on I-5 and I-205 from Wilsonville to the Columbia River, what are general concerns to your family or community? What are the benefits?

How to join on Dec. 1

Town Halls are held over Zoom. 

Clackamas County Commissioners regularly hold Town Halls and Listening Sessions, and rely on public feedback and concerns to help guide policies and county actions. Previous meeting topics and archives can be found online

Please be advised that the Board or the Chair reserves the right to stop comments that are out-of-order or off-topic.