Town Hall - Sept. 26, 2023

Mental Health, Addiction & Recovery – Innovations & Community Feedback


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Health authorities describe behavioral health as a spectrum of behaviors and conditions encompassing mental health, substance use disorders, and more. Clackamas County’s Behavioral Health Division connects residents with options to improve mental health and addiction distress, so they can achieve recovery – a process where people regain the ability to live, work, learn and participate in their community.

In April, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution supporting a recovery-oriented system of care regarding addictions, mental health and homelessness. The resolution created a county framework for addressing homeless populations who experience drug addiction and mental illness. In that resolution, Clackamas County acknowledged that a significant and consequential portion of those struggling with homelessness also contend with the complex diseases of mental illness and or addiction.

Coming out of the Clackamas Addiction Recovery Summit with guest panelists, county staff will have heard a wide range of potential innovations and ideas on expanding mental health and addiction treatment services. This session will feature a report-out of these takeaways, as well as asking residents about their own lived experiences:

  • For caregivers of those with mental and related illnesses, including substance use, how can we do better?
  • What can the county be doing to improve your and your loved one’s experiences as you navigate the behavioral health system of care? 

Guests will include the full Board of County Commissioners and #ClackCo Behavioral Health Director Mary Rumbaugh. 

During the event, feedback and questions from residents are encouraged. As the event will be recorded and available later online, residents are strongly encouraged to send questions/comments ahead of time over email to, with the subject line “Mental Health Town Hall.” Questions may be shortened for time. 

Clackamas County Commissioners rely on public feedback and concerns to help guide policies and county actions. Previous meeting topics are archived

Please be advised that the Board or the Chair reserves the right to stop comments that are out-of-order or off-topic.