Christopher Kalonji Grand Jury


For more than seven hours a Clackamas County Grand Jury listened to the testimony of 10 witnesses and reviewed the facts of the January 28, 2016 shooting death of Christopher Kalonji. After considering all the evidence, the Grand Jury has concluded that the deputy sheriffs were justified in using deadly force in defense of another person.

All of the witnesses to these events were called to testify in front of the Grand Jury. The family of the deceased was invited to testify as well, but decided not to participate in the proceedings. Included as witnesses were the medical examiner who previously reported that the death was a suicide. Also called as witnesses were County mental health staff who were present after they were called to the scene by law enforcement. They had assisted in efforts to de-escalate the situation. Additionally, neighbors were called to testify regarding Mr. Kalonji’s possession of a rifle.

The investigative reports are now available to the public and requests should be directed to Sgt. Brian Jensen at 1-503-785-5071.

Gregory Horner
Chief Deputy District Attorney

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