Don’t get caught in the cold – stay safe in winter weather


Snow this time of year may be delight for many. Especially kids on winter break. However, if you’re not careful and thoughtful, your actions may prove treacherous.

Warming centers are open throughout the county to provide refuge from the cold. Here are some things to expect during this winter storm and tips on how you can stay safe.

Expect treacherous roads, especially in the mountains

Snow in the lower elevations and the cascade foothills could be tempting for people to enjoy snow activities off the beaten path within Clackamas County. However doing so can be dangerous for you, your family, and the residents who live in the area.

Please keep the following in mind to stay safe as we embrace this upcoming winter storm.

The county roads up on Mount Hood and in the foothills are very narrow. Crews regularly plow these areas. However, we cannot plow them if there are cars parked along the road. Please do not abandon your vehicles on county roads, no matter how tempting it may be to play in the snow nearby. Doing so blocks us from plowing the road and it blocks emergency services from getting to the people who need it most. Which is dangerous for residents who live in the area.

Snow is expected to fall faster than we can plow it. We cannot be everywhere at once. Please do not drive down unfamiliar roads in the snow. It may be covered in deep snow. That puts you at risk for getting stuck and stranded.

We never recommend driving in snow or icy conditions. However if you must drive please ensure you pack an emergency kit with all the essentials in case you do get stuck. And follow these tips for driving safe in the snow.

Clackamas County road crews will begin operating 24 hours a day starting at 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 25. They will focus snow removal efforts in areas that serve routes to emergency services first.

Residents can report road concerns online.

Stay warm

Warming shelters will be open throughout Clackamas County when the temperatures drop below 33°. Shelters are available for during the day and night. Dial 211 or visit or our website for locations.

When heating your home, please only use heaters that are built for indoor use. Do not use outdoor heaters, BBQ’s or your oven to heat the inside of your home.

Stay healthy

Remember to check on your neighbors, but please do so safely to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cold weather can lead to frostbite, other health issues and even death. Many people die each year from heart attacks brought on by shoveling snow. Pace yourself & get your neighbors involved. 

You can follow us at @ClackamasCounty on Twitter as well as visit our website for updates during the upcoming winter storm.