Filing period for #ClackCo Special District candidates now open

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Filing fee only $10

On Tuesday, May 16, Clackamas County voters will make choices for 136 open positions across 44 different special district boards that oversee school, fire, water districts, and more. The Clackamas County Clerk’s office is encouraging all interested residents to consider running for local public service.

“Most Clackamas County residents live in three or more different service districts,” stated the county’s head election official, Clerk Catherine McMullen. “If you have ever been interested in running for local office, this is a great way to get started in elected public service. You can get directly involved with local infrastructure, our schools, or emergency services.”

The filing period for county citizens to submit their names for these positions is now open. The filing deadline is 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 16.

While unpaid, these positions are extremely influential in shaping how local districts operate. Typically, board members are charged with representing the local community by providing direction and developing policies for the operation of the district, establishing goals and objectives, adopting a budget, and evaluating programs. Most positions are full 4-year terms.

To look up which districts and positions they are eligible to run for, residents are encouraged to visit and enter their address into the county’s CMAP application, at Voters may also call the Elections office at 503-655-8510 to confirm their eligibility.

Further information can be found on the county Election Division’s May 16, 2023 Special District Election webpage at If you are new to Oregon, April 25 is the Voter Registration Deadline for the May 16, 2023 Special District Election. You can register to vote or update your information at

Filing is an easy and inexpensive process. Candidates must fill out a simple form (located online from the Secretary of State’s office at, and submit it at the Clackamas County Election Division office at 1710 Red Soils Court in Oregon City. Forms are also available at the office.

While it only costs $10 to file, candidates have the option to provide a statement in the Voters’ Pamphlet for an additional $25.

The following is a list of the boards that have positions that can be filed with the Clackamas County Election Division during the upcoming election:

School districts

  • Clackamas Community College District (4 positions)
  • Clackamas Education Service District (3 positions)
  • Canby School District (3 positions)
  • Colton School District (2 positions)
  • Estacada School District (3 positions
  • Gladstone School District (4 positions)
  • Lake Oswego School District (2 positions)
  • Molalla River School District (4 positions)
  • North Clackamas School District (4 positions)
  • Oregon City School District (4 positions)
  • Oregon Trail School District (3 positions)
  • West Linn-Wilsonville School District (2 positions)

Fire districts

  • Canby Fire District (3 positions)
  • Clackamas County Fire District #1 (3 positions)
  • Colton Fire District (3 positions)
  • Estacada Fire District (3 positions)
  • Hoodland Fire District (2 positions)
  • Lake Grove Fire District (3 positions)
  • Molalla Fire District (3 positions)
  • Monitor Fire District (2 positions)
  • Sandy Fire District (4 positions)

Water districts, control districts and authorities

  • Aldercreek-Barlow Water District (3 positions)
  • Boring Water District (3 positions)
  • Clackamas River Water District (3 positions)
  • Colton Water District (4 positions)
  • Country Club Water District (2 positions)
  • Lake Grove Water District (4 positions)
  • Lower Clackamas River Water Control District (6 positions)
  • Mossy Brae Water District (5 positions)
  • Mulino Water District (4 positions)
  • Oak Lodge Water Services Authority (2 positions)
  • Palatine Hill Water District (3 positions)
  • Rivergrove Water District (3 positions)
  • Riverside Water District (3 positions)
  • Sleepy Hollow Water District (3 positions)
  • Southwood Park Water District (2 positions)
  • Sunrise Water Authority (4 positions)
  • Wildwood Annex Water (2 positions)

Miscellaneous districts

  • Canby Area Park and Recreation District (3 positions)
  • Molalla Aquatic District (2 positions)
  • Estacada Cemetery District (3 positions)
  • Government Camp Road District (1 position)
  • Government Camp Sanitary District (3 positions)
  • South Clackamas Transportation District (4 positions)