Innovation and vision propel Clackamas County toward more affordable housing and homeownership opportunities

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The plan expands support for a recovery-oriented system of care

Oregon City, OR – The Board of the Housing Authority of Clackamas County moved to create 750 new affordable homes and 445 new housing vouchers in Clackamas County, an unprecedented step toward meeting housing affordability needs for county residents. In an update to the board on January 24, the Housing Authority of Clackamas County (HACC) outlined long-term and innovative strategies to address affordable housing needs and the county's recovery-oriented system of care goals.

A recovery-oriented system of care is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that offers many pathways to recovery from mental health and substance use conditions. 

With the oldest public housing in Oregon and among the oldest in the nation, HACC developed recommendations to provide safe, well-maintained and financially sustainable housing opportunities, as well as continue to increase the number of affordable homes in Clackamas County, under U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.

The recommendations focused on Hillside Park, Clackamas Heights, Oregon City View Manor, and HACC's 145 single family homes to help the county increase affordable housing and expand its infrastructure to support a recovery-oriented system of care.

Redevelopment of Hillside Park Phase I is already underway, as is planning for Hillside Park Phase II. Clackamas Heights will also be redeveloped, paid for through investments from sales proceeds of single family homes ($20M) and the Metro Affordable Housing Bond ($15M). In the Hillside Park redevelopment, 100 existing homes built early in the 1900s are being replaced with 500 homes, common areas and parks. At Clackamas Heights, 100 homes will be replaced with 250 homes.

Revenue from the sale of the Oregon City View Manor is estimated between $12M to $16M and will go toward the redevelopment of Clackamas Heights. Existing residents will receive rental assistance and the opportunity to relocate to Clackamas Heights once it is completed.

With the single family homes portfolio, HACC proposed selling (1) 25 homes as affordable homeownership opportunities to existing residents through a land trust model; (2) 45 homes to the private market; and (3) 75 homes under restrictions that meet the county's goal to expand infrastructure for its recovery-oriented system of care, potentially selling some to community-based organizations that deliver recovery services. The total revenue from these sales is estimated at $50M.

In all, HACC estimates it will secure $64M toward affordable housing development projects, including $20M toward the redevelopment of Clackamas Heights. 

"I'm very excited about this on so many levels," said Chair Smith, "While many questions and details remain, this very unique and comprehensive proposal will ensure affordable housing opportunities for so many Clackamas County residents, and provide the much-needed long-term and ongoing housing and residential care for those in recovery."

The HACC board unanimously approved the recommendations outlined in the proposed plan. To learn more, view the public session or download the update on the public housing repositioning plan.