Coordinated Housing Access served 12,458 people in 2023: Video

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New video describes impact of homelessness diversion program

Imagine having a trusted guide to help you through a housing crisis – that's what the Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) program offers in Clackamas County. CHA is the single door to access all the county’s housing resources. 

“Before there was CHA,” explains CHA Supervisor Lauren Decker in CHA's new video below, “people would need to figure out where to go, what applications to fill out . . . it was like a maze . . . and that’s hard to do when you’re in a crisis.”

CHA served 12,458 people in 2023. The program answers calls live from 8am to 8pm every day of the week. Assessments are available in all languages, in-person and in different formats. 

When Sherry was homeless and broke her back, she called CHA and spoke with Eric.

“Eric called me every day for 30 days,” Sherry says, “and then he called me once a week even after I got into housing to make sure that I was okay.” 

Lauren says strengths-based problem solving counseling called homelessness diversion provided by the Coordinated Housing Access specialists is having an outsize impact on the continuum of homeless services in Clackamas County, as early intervention prevents homelessness. 

“We really listen to what the person is going through,” says Lauren. “We ask, ‘what do you feel would help you?’ It could be access to a doctor . . . connection to drug treatment . . . [or] short-term-rent assistance for a few months.” 

The CHA program is committed to equity in serving all county residents, including people of color, those with disabilities, and others who are disproportionately impacted by homelessness. The CHA assessment is evaluated by people of color and others with diverse backgrounds and identities to ensure that the questions make sense, are culturally sensitive, are accessible and are trauma-informed. 

If you are helping someone who is facing housing instability or homelessness, call Clackamas County CHA at 503-655-8575 or visit our webpage.

Please view and share this video with anyone who it may help.

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