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Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning and Development Ordinance

Files listed below are proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Zoning and Development Ordinance. Posted materials include notices of public hearing dates and drafts of the amendments. Every effort is made to post the most recent materials; however, hearings may be rescheduled and revisions to the proposals are common. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 503-742-4500, or the project manager for details. Contact information for the project manager is included in the posted hearing notice.

ZDO-276: FY 2020 Minor Amendments

The 2019-2021 Long-Range Planning Work Program includes a project titled “Minor and Time-Sensitive ZDO Amendments”.  This project was intended to focus on relatively minor changes to the County’s Zoning and Development Ordinance (ZDO) to comply with state and federal mandates, clarify existing language, correct errors, and adopt optional provisions that require only minimal analysis.

Staff is proposing a number of changes related to recent state legislation, federal preemption and general cleanup of the zoning code.
In addition, during Work Program adoption last year, the Board included three elements of the ZDO for review under the “minimal analysis” category: dog kennels, small-scale manufacturing in urban commercial zones and increasing notice distances for land use applications in rural areas.  More recently, the Board requested review of a fourth topic: repealing limits on marijuana retail hours in favor of reliance on state standards.  

This amendment package is planned for public hearings this spring. The Planning Commission held two study sessions (one in December 2019 and another in January 2020) where they discussed most of the proposals in detail and provided staff with initial feedback.


Z0004-20 is an application for an amendment to Clackamas County's Comprehensive Plan Map to include a proposed expansion of the City of Sandy's urban growth boundary (UGB).  If approved by both Clackamas County and the City of Sandy, the UGB expansion would bring approximately 5.29 acres of Tax Lot 701 of Map 24E23 in to the City's UGB.  The subject property is already inside of the City's “Urban Reserve Area” (URA).  The application represents that the UGB expansion is necessary to allow: a road connection between Hwy 211 and a new residential subdivision within City limits (“Bailey Meadows”); associated storm drainage improvements; accompanying utilities; grading; slope and temporary construction easements; and additional area for park land dedication.