Recording Schedule of Fees

Make checks payable to the Clackamas County Clerk
(No personal checks will be accepted for marriage licenses)

Please provide a 4" x 2" space on the top right-hand corner of the first page of documents to be recorded for our recording certificate.

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your document.

Example of fees for a one page document (note exceptions cited below):

  Record PLC A&T OLIS AH AHC GIS Total
Deed Records +$5 +$10 +$10 +$1 +$60 +$2 +$5 $93
Mortgage Records +5 +10 +10 +1 +60 +2 +5 93
Lien Records +5 +0 +10 +1 +60 +2 +5 83

The above cited fees are:

  • PLC = Public Land Corner
  • AH = Affordable Housing
  • A &T = Assessment and Taxation
  • AHC = Clackamas County’s Affordable Housing Collection
  • OLIS = Oregon Land Information System
  • GIS = Clackamas County’s GIS

The additional $5 fee for each multiple transaction remains the same.
Updated 2023

Fee Exceptions

All documents are subject to the following fees, except as noted:

The $60 Affordable Housing fee (HB 2417 and HB 4007) applies to all recordings except the following instruments:

  1. Instruments otherwise exempt from recording or filing fees under any provision of law
  2. Any satisfaction of judgment or certificate of satisfaction of judgment
  3. Internal county government instruments not otherwise charged a recording or filing fee
  4. Instruments required under ORS 517.210 to maintain mining claims
  5. Warrants issued by the Employment Department pursuant to ORS 657.396, 657.642 and 657.646
  6. A certified copy of a judgment, a lien record abstract as described in ORS 18.170 or a satisfaction of a judgment, including a judgment noticed by recordation of a lien record abstract
  7. The Department of Revenue is exempt from paying the fee under subsection (1)(c) of this section
Clackamas County’s Affordable Housing Collection2
Assessment and Taxation Fee 
Per instrument recorded except Satisfactions of Judgment
Oregon Land Information System Fee (OLIS) 
Per instrument recorded except Satisfactions of Judgment
Surveyor's Land Corner Preservation Fee 
Per instrument recorded pursuant to ORS 205.130(2)
Geographic Information Services Fee ( GIS ) 
Per instrument recorded except Satisfactions of Judgment

Recording Fees

Per side of each page$5.00
For each additional release, assignment or satisfaction embodied in one document - an additional5.00
For each additional transaction embodied in one document - an additional5.00
Nonstandard document fee for noncompliance of first page requirements (ORS 205.234) and/or page/print size (ORS 205.232)- an additional20.00
Plat Recording fee45.00
Over 100 lots, each additional lot0.10
Surveyor PLC fee - an additional10.00
Oregon Land Info System Fee - an additional1.00
A & T Fee - an additional10.00

Other Fees

Surveyor's Fee for Affidavit of Correction of Survey or Plat (in addition to recording fees)$75.00
Surveyor's Fee for Street Vacation Ordinance (in addition to recording fees)125.00
Marriage License 60.00
Request for Waiver of 3-day Waiting Period for Marriage License15.00
Wedding Ceremony 117.00
Marriage License Amendment20.00
Domestic Partnership60.00
Copies of Recorded Records
Search, $3.75, plus $0.25 for first page copy4.00
Each additional page0.25
Certification of Copies3.75
San Francisco plat map
Each copy0.50
Mailing Tube1.25
Postage, if mailed3.00
Total, if certified and mailed8.50


1710 Red Soils Ct, Suite 110, Oregon City, OR 97045

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Document recording services stop at 4:30 p.m.

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